It is a testament to excellent service when a tailor made solution contributes to a customer’s success and performance on the marketplace. This may a revolutionary development or a seeming small improvement of existing products.

It has always been Bericap’s commitment to strengthen the appearance of branded articles in the shelves. Regarding automotive products this is mainly achieved by offering a variety of solutions for a given neck enabling the brand owner to select the appropriate closure out of a family range. However, there is always room for improvement.

Recently, Castrol Europe, having employed the 40mm neck as a standard for many years, requested a retractable spout for the TSV40 PV. Originally, the TSV 40 PV flexible spout pourer was intended to be pulled up for the first use. Extendable, flexible spout pourers in general would remain extended afterwards, which wouldn’t necessarily be a disadvantage as the bottle is drained completely in one use, and is subsequently disposed of.

Bericap telescopic rigid tube pourers were uniquely retractable (SVT 38/23 PV). For some applications like fork oil (motorbikes), Automatic Transmission fluid (ATF) and two-stroke engines (gear oils, out-board motors and lawn movers) a retractable, flexible pouring spout was requested by Castrol.

To meet Castrol’s requirement for efficient use of space through retractability, Bericap has developed the TSV 40 PV ‘Short Spout’ flexible spout pourer. When in ‘compact condition’ the pack can be stored in motorcycle bags, making it practical and convenient.

To facilitate this it was necessary to shorten the spout, thereby reducing the push-pull force. The new cap has identical outer dimensions, making it compatible with existing cappers. The extended length is 89.50 mm – a reduction of 28.50 mm compared to the standard model. The pouring diameter of 8.9 mm was kept constant. Both versions will be available in the future.

In general, consumer convenience and enhanced quality requirements provide an increased demand for this cap as an alternative the telescopic SVT 38/23 PV. Access to the feed openings in modern cars is becoming increasingly difficult, and precise and spill-free pouring without a funnel is nearly impossible. It is an advantage of our products that this aid is an integral part of the cap.

Additionally, some products, such as power steering oil, have to be administered in a very clean condition. This prohibits the use of large outlet diameters which may contaminate a system which is sensitive to pollution and humidity through the product’s exposure to environmental particles and vapors.

For this reason the continuous reworking and updating of the product range is an ongoing challenge. The improved telescopic cap SVT 37,5 currently being under development is coming soon.