Following several modernisation projects and investments, Mondi Consumer Flexibles has established a new powerhouse for flexoprinting in Great Britain. Investments
in the production site have led to an expansion of the plant by 2,500m², creating focused manufacturing zones and increasing efficiency of processes and material flow.

In addition, a new 2,600m² warehouse was taken in operation, equipped with a computerised location scanning
system and linked up wirelessly to the main enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. The new
additions to the manufacturing facility significantly increase Mondi Wheatley’s production capacity and
improve the overall flow of production processes. Furthermore, Mondi created 30 additional jobs on

“These investments strengthen our position in the flexible packaging market and have created a new
powerhouse for flexoprinting within our business unit. With latest technology, Mondi Wheatley is our
specialist for NeoSteam® and multilayer laminates, supplying customers with the high quality
standards we are well-known for,” says Jakob Mosser, CEO Mondi Consumer Flexibles. “Since 21 years our plant in Scunthorpe has made contribution to the local economy and we
are happy that we have been able to create additional jobs in times like these.”

Convenient microwaveable packaging solutions have led to a significant change in packaging for
frozen and chilled food in countries like Great Britain, Belgium, The Netherlands and Scandinavia. Other
European markets have been following this trend and demand is continuously rising. The renewed
production site of Mondi Wheatley is perfectly equipped to meet the demands and has established
itself as centre of excellence for NeoSteam packaging within the Consumer Flexibles business unit.

The investments in technology led to an additional extrusion line for speciality films, enhancing
production capacity considerably, as well as a new dedicated lamination area and a warm room to
optimise curing times. Added customer value applications such as easy opening and laser
perforations are supported by a new laser, which facilitates innovative product developments. The additional printing machine, a new slitter, a dedicated ink farm and latest technology sleeve presses
for fast changeover complete the flexoprinting powerhouse of Mondi Wheatley.

“The investments have given us the opportunity to optimise our production processes, leading to an
even better service and support of our customers,” Warren James, managing director of Mondi
Packaging Wheatley, proudly states. “With our new warehouse near to the plant we have been
able to reduce our external warehouses from three to only one, reducing transportation and interim
storage costs.”

The product portfolio of Mondi Wheatley comprises duplex and triplex laminates for the food and nonfood
industry, pre-made nappy and wicketed bags as well as NeoSteam film for microwaveable