On 2 and 3 September 2010, the Cham Paper Group extended an invitation to its 1st Global Inspiration Days event in Lucerne, with more than 100 participants taking advantage of this unique opportunity. This innovation forum was devoted to the core topics of sustainability, leadership and partnership.

Trend researcher Dr David Bosshart made for a first day full of excitement with his compelling presentation entitled ‘Between More & Less’. His propositions and outlooks on the markets of tomorrow laid the foundation for the podium discussion that followed in which Dr phil. Daniele Ganser (ASPO chairman), Isabelle Welton (CEO of IBM Switzerland), Dr Stephen King (head of product innovation at Nestlé R&D), and Dr David Bosshart (CEO of GDI) examined the topic of innovation from various interdisciplinary perspectives. The participants were then afforded the opportunity of engaging personally in an in-depth exploration of the podium’s core topics — sustainability, leadership and partnership — in workshops.

On the following day Dr Luca Mastroberardino, managing director of Phonak Switzerland, provided a glimpse into the innovation climate at Phonak. The seminar portion of the event was concluded by the Mind Opener presentation of world-renowned economic thinker Professor Kjell A. Nordström, who captivated the audience in his inimitable manner and gave it considerable food for thought with his ideas and forecasts.

Inspiration Days was rounded off by an attractive social event programme offering the ideal conditions for informal networking. The result of Inspiration Days was the joint fleshing out of the opportunities afforded to all of us by current sustainability, leadership and partnership trends. The Cham Paper Group is already in the process of making plans for its 2nd Global Inspiration Days event in order to capitalise on the success of this first event.