BERICAP has developed the closure range, HexaLite®, for the bottling of still water. The HexaLite exists as HexaLite 26 FB, suitable for light weighted 26mm neck finish and the HexaLite 29 FB, which is suitable for a light weighted 30mm neck finish.

The HexaLite 26 FB and the corresponding neck are a replacement to the 26.7mm neck, used predominantly in North America. The weight of the neck and closure adds up to 2.8g. Production of HexaLite started in August 2008. The HexaLite 26 FB is also an alternative for bottlers currently using the PET 30/25 neck and want to achieve maximum weight saving.

Bottlers who wish to remain on a large neck, such as PET 30/25, which is used predominantly in Europe and surrounding countries, may choose BERICAP’s HexaLite 29/25 with a corresponding neck. Neck and closure add up to more than 2g, compared to PET 30/25 solution.

All HexaLite closures are equipped with a slit and folded safety band (flexband) for efficient TE performance, reliable and forgiving application, also on high-speed lines. The sealing system has been designed for maximum tightness.

Bericap has prepared a two-piece Sportscap ThumbUp® for the light weight necks, PET 26 and PET 29/25, complementing the necks of water bottlers.