BERICAP is developing its sports caps in its R&D centre of Dijon (France) and is currently producing several billion units of sports caps in five of its 20 production premises. As the main focus nowadays is to save non-renewable resources, to improve carbon footprint, as well as cost reduction and functionality, BERICAP has developed light-weight variants for its sports closures to suit current neck finishes from 26.7mm to 38mm, but also for the new neck finish generation such as 26, PCO 1881 and 29/25. BERICAP’s sports caps range is known as THUMB’UP® and PUSH PULL.

BERICAP’s THUMB’UP range is particularly known for its convenience to open with the thumb after the tamper evident (TE) band is initially removed and for its safety performances for young children: moving parts as the hinged overcap would withstand removal forces of 90N and cannot be teared away by children. The size and shape of any individual part would comply with British Soft-Drink Association (BSDA) guidelines to avoid a choking hazard with children.

Comfort to open and tamper evident performance have been recently upgraded on the most popular versions by adding a new ergonomic tear-off TE band with large tab and zipper.

The THUMB’UP product range is becoming enlarged with three new versions designed for the three new light weight neck finishes: 26mm, aimed at replacing 26.7mm; 28mm PCO 1881 to replace PCO 1810; and 29/25 replacing 30/25. Depending on the closure types and neck finishes, a total saving of 2.2g to 2.8g of resin is possible.

THUMB’UP sports caps are also available for aseptic application processes.

BERICAP PUSH PULL sports caps is also going to be enlarged with new versions for these light-weight formats, starting with 28mm PCO 1881, which will be launched at the next BRAU exhibition in Nuremberg in November 2008. Customers recently started moving to the new 28mm PCO 1881 neck finish.

BERICAP successfully tested the first sports caps for hot filling with its unique seal technology, which ensures tightness against vacuum loss. With this seal, the sports cap can be used safely without an aluminum foil heat seal on the neck of the bottle, which has to be removed by the consumers before drinking. This is aimed not only to improve economics but also will simplify the capping process for the bottlers and will provide more comfort to consumers, as well as better environmental profile to the package, by eliminating the extra aluminum foil.

BERICAP has also developed PUSH PULL sports caps for aseptic filling and hotfill applications, which can be decontaminated by the wet and dry sterilization process. PUSH PULL sports caps providing the same performance will be available in foreseeable time for 28mm PCO 1810 and 38mm, two-start neck finishes. For 28mm PCO 1810, a BERICAP PUSH PULL solution for carbonated products will also be assessable.