Paint sundries such as thinners and solvents tend to be packaged in metal containers, ideally equipped with BERICAP closures. Depending on product formulations and storage temperatures, solvents have a tendency to permeate through plastic closures, regardless of materials used for the construction of the closures or any pre- or post-treatments applied.

In 2004, BERICAP R&D, in conjunction with a customer, started the development of a closure which greatly reduces solvent permeation, possibly leading to an extension of the shelf life of the product, especially at higher temperatures. This may also improve the moisture barrier properties of the closure, which, among other benefits, may reduce the gelling tendency of, for example, moisture sensitive hardeners.

Furthermore, the P2 REL ALU is proven as user and capper friendly.

BERICAP R&D fully achieved the target with its new P2 REL ALU closure.

Extensive tests were carried out in external laboratories showing optimal results. Furthermore usability tests (from consumer perspective) were conducted. Ease of pouring is guaranteed by the flex-spout.

P2 REL ALU is available with and without a printed opening advice on the Alu foil.

BERICAP is the third largest closure manufacturer of plastic closures with 18 factories in 17 countries across the world, on-going projects in several countries of Asia and Middle East and a network of licensees and partners to supply similar products made according to the same quality and service standards to its global customers.

With 2 central R&D centres in France and Germany, 2 mould shops in Hungary and Poland and several satellite R&D offices in its main operations, BERICAP is particularly committed to development and innovation in plastic closures for its customers.