From a very early stage BERICAP recognised the necessity to develop light weight closures for the beverage industry in order to reduce the packaging cost for its partners and at the same time help the environment by reducing CO2 emission (green house gas effect), using less raw material to support the saving of non-renewable resources.

Recently one of BERICAP’s business partners, the French ALMA Group, converted its PET bottle range from PCO 1810 neck to a short neck derived from PCO 1881. BERICAP supported the conversion, especially for the capper and closure application, based on the experience of already numerous PCO 1881 conversions in recent months. Another major BERICAP customer in the European beverage industry is about to start the conversion to PCO 1881 and SuperShorty® Eco.

These companies have chosen the SuperShorty Eco from BERICAP, which is suitable for carbonated soft drinks up to 8g CO2/L, due to its economic and technical advantages. The closure ensures safe venting even on large size bottles up to 2.5L. The design of the tamper evidence band allows proper and easy application of the closure. The combined weight of closure and neck amounts allows a resin saving of up to 30% compared to the traditional PCO 1810 neck plus closure.

The PCO 1881 conversion of the French bottler and of the next player in Europe is BERICAP’s next step in the completion of a 5 billion capacity installation for SuperShorty 28 in 2009 in Europe, North America and Asia.