Thanks to the new seven-colour high quality post printer (HQPP), Mondi’s Bad Rappenau corrugated packaging site will be even better able to compete in the market and meet customers’ ever increasing expectations regarding quality. It will also allow Mondi to enter new market segments. The new machine went live in January, marking the completion of an installation project that began in September of last year.

Ongoing investment is an important part of corporate strategy at Mondi. “We’ve invested in this HQPP in response to changing market conditions in the packaging sector. Customers’ expectations regarding print quality have increased and the intervals between the launches of new products are getting shorter and shorter,” explains Thomas Ott, CEO Mondi Corrugated Packaging.

Key benefits to customers:

  • Accurate printing with outstanding print quality
  • Seven colours in a print run
  • Partial or full surface varnish application
  • Flexibility in order planning
  • Shorter intervals for new product launches

The new HQPP is Mondi’s response to the growing market for seven-colour and will enable the group to operate in a niche market.

The HQPP, the ovation model from the German company Göpfert, is a high board line machine with an integrated ink management system. It allows set-up while running and prints beautifully with absolute precision on 1,600mm, 2,000mm and up to 2,400mm formats.