The plastic closures that Bericap offers to the beverage, lube oil, edible oil, chemical, juice, milk and agro industries are perfectly adapted to critical packaging requirements such as product integrity against contamination, comfort and security to end-consumer, protection against oxygen ingress for freshness and longer shelf life, venting against missiling in case of fermentation, tamper evidence, sportscaps, etc.

For the beverage industry, with its SuperShorty® and HexaLite® ranges of light-weight closures for the new light-weight PET neck finishes, Bericap is also committed to sustainable packaging due to lower plastic resin consumption and lower greenhouse gas emission. The HexaLite closure family is suitable for the light-weight 26mm neck finish; HexaLite 29 is suitable for the 30mm neck finish. For the 26.7mm neck finish the HexaLite 26 FB offers a total weight saving of 2.8g. Compared with the widely used PET neck 30/25 the savings are significantly higher.

Regarding SuperShorty, Bericap has enhanced the portfolio suitable for PCO 1881 consisting of the closure range SuperShorty Crown for beer, SuperShorty for CSD, SuperShorty CSD Eco as a low-weight alternative and SuperShorty Still for still drinks. In addition, SuperShorty for hotfill applications is available.

The venting capacity of the SuperShorty design has been enlarged to ensure safe venting on 2.5L bottles filled up to 4.5 vol% CO2, which means no risk of blow-off in case the consumer unscrews closures with excessive speed. All SuperShorty closures are equipped with the well-known DoubleSeal system for safe sealing even under hot climate conditions.

A change from PCO 1810 to PCO 1881 reduces the weight of the entire package. In the case of the CSD package the neck weight is reduced from 5.05g to 3.82g. The total weight saving is up to more than 2g for neck and closure.

All HexaLite and SuperShorty closures are equipped with a slit and folded safety band for efficient tamper evidence performance and a reliable and forgiving application on high speed lines. The sealing system has been designed for maximum tightness.

Besides the beverage market Bericap offers closure systems for the markets mentioned above to ensure product integrity due to optimized tamper evidence systems and to achieve the highest cost savings possible due to weight reduction. The closure concepts for all the markets mentioned above focus on enhancing anti-counterfeiting features for improved customer safety. At the same time a reduction in resin consumption supports all efforts to save non-renewable resources and to reduce the output of the CO2 (carbon footprint).

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