Coca-Cola China decided in the first quarter of 2008 to reduce material usage by converting their aseptic PET beverage packages from PCO 1810 neck finish to PCO 1881. One of the closures they selected was the 1881 SuperShorty® closure.

After this successful introduction, Coca-Cola China introduced the PCO 1881 neck finish, for carbonated soft drinks PET packages, in August 2008 and started using the 1881 SuperShorty from BERICAP for Sparkling beverages in Q1 2009.

BERICAP China is one of the key closure suppliers to Coca-Cola bottlers in China and was invited to perform a major role in the conversion process. Based on its long-term experience of converting production lines to SuperShorty, BERICAP could contribute in a co-operative way to the successful conversion.

BERICAP China has a strong foothold in BERICAP’s conversion activities to 1881 SuperShorty and by the end of 2009 will extend production capacity beyond 1 billion 1881 SuperShortys.