The market environment in the mineral water industry changes rapidly. Best price offers of discounters for mineral water filled in one-way PET are the bench mark for the whole industry. In consequence, cost structures must be adapted drastically and fast.

Bottle and closure weight play an important role when it comes to exploiting possible saving potentials. The still water market is the defined target for the BERICAP HexaLite® closures. The HexaLite 26 FB is suitable for the light weight 26/22 neck finish. It is equipped with a slit and folded safety band (flexband) for efficient TE performance, reliable and forgiving application on high-speed lines.

Altmühltaler Mineralbrunnen started the successful conversion of its water lines to BERICAP’s HexaLite 26 FB in November 2009.

BERICAP’s HexaLite 26 FB closure could convince Altmühltaler due to its optimised weight which contributes considerably to reducing packaging cost. Another important argument for Altmühltaler to convert from a formerly 26.7mm neck finish and corresponding closure solutions to the new light weight 26/22 neck and BERICAP’s HexaLite 26 FB was the fact, that despite renewed weight optimisation the light weight HexaLite 26 FB in combination with the bottle still offers a good handling for the consumer and is easy to open and reclose.

In North America, conversions from existing 26.7mm necks and corresponding closure systems to HexaLite 26 FB and the light weight neck 26/22 started already in August 2008 and became an extreme success. Altmühltaler is the first in Germany who decided to switch to BERICAP’s HexaLite 26 FB and to take the advantage of significant resin and therefore cost savings.