Sustainable development is integral to Mondi’s business as it creates long-term value by transforming scarce natural resources into innovative customer solutions. Mondi has made a public commitment to sustainable development and continuous improvement in reducing their environmental footprint. This includes the concept of product responsibility, which starts with the raw materials and ends with the downstream effects of the products.

The commitment of Mondi has been rewarded with a first rank in the new WWF voluntary rating tool, which reports on the global ecological footprint of paper companies. WWF assessed key environmental criteria, such as use of recycled fibre or fibre coming from well-managed forests, energy use and CO2 emissions, water consumption and water pollution.

With this clear position of a leading paper and packaging company, Procter & Gamble approached its strategic supplier Mondi to produce an eco-friendly secondary packaging solution for selected products. The goal was to reduce the ecological impact of the packaging with regard to weight, storage and transport whilst simultaneously offering an optimal shelf-ready packaging solution. This packaging concept was to replace the established American cases, which have been supplied by Mondi over the past years.

Mondi’s packaging specialists implemented a two-piece solution, which lives up to the set goal. The concept achieves savings in CO2 thanks to the fact the packaging weighs 11% less than the traditional American case. The reduced weight also impacts storage and transportation, enabling the loading of more pieces on every pallet and subsequently resulting in an incredible 105% higher loading volume of the trucks. Moreover, the material savings lead to 50% less surface printing as well as a reduction of white paper used.

This year one of Procter & Gamble’s European plants switched to this two-piece packaging solution. This shelf-ready packaging has additional features regarding handling, presentation and disposal. Besides that it enhances brand awareness by attractively presenting the products at the point-of-sale and enables customers to easily take the desired goods from the shelf. Shop owners profit from the efficient shelf stocking, easy handling and reduced waste disposal. Altogether, everybody in the supply chain benefits from the new two-piece solution and contributes to the conservation of nature and its scarce resources.