On 20 May 2011, Mondi’s Effusion Bag won the EUROSAC Grand Prix and was officially announced as ‘Sack of the Year 2011’. EUROSAC, the European Federation of Multiwall Paper Sack Manufacturers, selected the Effusion Bag for its practical handling and efficient usage of the filling good. The yearly EUROSAC Grand Prix was held at this year’s congress in Athens, Greece, and focused specifically on trends in the industrial bags market. The Effusion Bag fit the demand for consumer-oriented packaging as well as considering the optimal usage of filled goods.

Effusion Bag was developed in close collaboration with building materials producer Rigips (Saint-Gobain Group). “This solution is a great example of how building materials and bags producers can put ourselves in the shoes of the end users and come up with a packaging best suited for them,” says Claudio Fedalto, sales and marketing director of Mondi Industrial Bags.

What is the Effusion Bag?

The concept of the Effusion Bag is clear: with a few quick hand movements a convenient opening can easily be formed. This funnel-shaped opening is well suited for precise dosing and orientation. With the additional help of the handle the end-users can accurately dose or empty the filling material via the opening. The bag stays intact, can be easily handled and spilling is minimised. After usage the opening can be neatly re-folded and the bag can be kept in storage, a clear advantage over bags that have to be ripped open.