The growing share of senior citizens and single households has significantly raised the demand for more convenient packaging solutions. Under the brand name SoftpeelCoat®, Mondi has developed a range of special peel coatings that allow smooth opening requiring low force and no additional tools. Furthermore, they ensure tight closure of the packaging during storage, distribution, and display. “The peel coating concepts provide an extremely convenient opening applicable for different applications in various industries,” says Michael Strobl, managing director of Mondi Extrusion Coatings.

Specific material structures are used for various applications and allow for an excellent peel effect. The unique material characteristics ensure a proper sealing area when the packaging is opened and thus guarantee the highest hygiene packaging standards. Fulfilling all respective requirements, the extrusion coated materials are particularly suitable for the packaging of foodstuffs, pharmaceutical and hygiene products.

The easy opening solutions are used for ‘peel coating against peel coating’ applications such as paper and plastic based bags for food items or surgical equipment, and for ‘peel coating against tray or cup’ applications such as snacks and dairy products. “Moreover, the good runability of the peel coating materials on high-speed packaging lines as known from standard LDPE represents a major advantage for converting companies,” concludes Michael Strobl.