Bericap has recently established a production facility in Singapore. The plant will provide a direct service to customers in the ASEAN states who have been served by a sales office, Bericap China and other Bericap facilities up to now. The new office will be the nucleus for further expansion of sales and production facilities in South East Asia.

In the beginning, mainly closures for the non-food and non-beverage market will be produced. The production of beverage closures will follow shortly. The facility has the space and capability to enlarge the product programme and to increase the output.

One of the products to be produced by Bericap Singapore is a screw cap with folded tamper evidence band for the agrochemical industry. The manufacturing process of the closure plus additional safety features make the closure difficult to copy and supports anti-counterfeiting measures. Another product will be a hinge closure for bottlers of soy sauce, which require anti-drip features, tamper evidence and a closure design allowing capping of hot filled glass bottles. Bericap Singapore is also prepared to produce the well-known one-piece closure technology DoubleSeal™ for carbonated beverages or hot filling.

Bericap offers the DoubleSeal SuperShorty® for PCO 1881 with safe sealing in the form of DoubleSeal, a well-performing tamper evidence band in form of a slit flexband and closure design, which avoids missiling of the closure under hot environmental conditions. For hot filling BERICAP offers the DoubleSeal 38, a one-piece closure equipped with the proven DoubleSeal system for tight seal. The DoubleSeal 38 avoids the costly liner of alternative two-piece closures. In addition, DoubleSeal 38 provides improved product integrity since two-piece closures vent after unscrewing a few degrees, which may occur accidentally or due to natural back-off.

A well-experienced and well-trained team provides the basis of high quality and efficiency from Bericap Singapore. The team will be strongly supported by Bericap China and Bericap Germany. The major part of the volume is exported to countries within the ASEAN states. Sales are supported by the Bericap sales organisation, which is reinforced continuously to provide optimal service to customers.