Food is a key indicator of changing lifestyles, and the current trends driving innovation in developed economies are convenience and health-consciousness, resulting in significant changes on supermarket shelves.

Innovative packaging is one way to improve the convenience and health aspects of a product. Flexible food pouches developed by Mondi Packaging Consumer Flexibles are a good example of how packaging can change the way we buy, cook and eat. Stand-up pouches are an increasingly popular packaging solution for many products, including rice, soups, olives, fish, vegetables and fruit.


Flexible stand-up pouches from Mondi Packaging offer an attractive combination of properties: a long shelf life, without loss of vitamins and flavour. This is thanks to the reduced retort time for a slim pouch, in which the necessary temperature is reached faster than in a bulky can, aluminium pouch or carton. This gentle retorting process means that vitamins, minerals and the original taste of the meal are preserved more fully. The laminates used for Mondi Packaging pouches have excellent barrier properties and ensure delicate food is kept safe from oxygen, moisture and light.


As flexible food pouches are light-weight and less bulky than traditional packaging such as cans, they are easier to handle and carry. But the feature with the greatest appeal to customers is easy opening and emptying. Tear notches allow swift and mess-free opening, and a variety of special features such as spouts and zippers help prevent spillage and allow re-closing. Can openers and smelly cans with dangerously sharp edges will soon be a thing of the past.


Most ready-serve meals are consumed by single diners who want their food ready in the shortest time possible. They look for convenience when buying ready meals, and expect packaging that can be stored outside a refrigerator and has a long shelf life. Single-serve pouches offered by Mondi Packaging Consumer Flexibles are the ideal solution for this target group, as they can be stored at room temperature, can be heated easily in the microwave and offer a shelf life of up to one year depending on the foodstuff. The slim, handy pouches, for example a tuna salad or your favourite rice dish, can easily be carried to work or taken along on weekend trips.


Quality-conscious consumers base their shopping decisions on the look of a food product as much as on more tangible factors. Stand-up pouches from Mondi Packaging appeal to this segment with sleek outlines, premium printing (including metallic inks), and the option of transparent windows, allowing the consumer to see to product inside the pouch. In general, flexible packaging has a more modern and more hygienic “feel” than traditional packaging solutions such as bulky cans or cartons.


The environmental impact of flexible pouches is important to many modern consumers. With a weight reduction of more than 60% compared to traditional cans, flexible food pouches use less raw material, less transport space and produce less waste.