Such closure, developed in the world R&D centre for food products of BERICAP, located in Dijon (France), and now manufactured in Spain (near Barcelona), was introduced few months ago at LESIEUR for its prestigious PUGET brand of olive oil from Provence.

The idea was to replace the former pourer with screw overcap (ref.7610) supplied by BERICAP FRANCE by adding new features. The new closure is featured with a tamper evident and oxygen barrier tear-off membrane, a non-drip dispenser and a “marguerite” flow control device which have made the success of all BERICAP dispensing closures for edible oil since decades and placed it in a leading position in this market.

But, the new closure incorporates also two additional patented features to improve it convenience to consumers and satisfaction :

  • A beak shape non-drip dispenser for more precise and clean dispensing of olive oil ; and such beak shape dispenser is fully integrated inside the cylindrical body of the closure, allowing easy capping on existing capper for standard closures, without the need to orientate the capping heads
  • A special “drop” shape of the tear off line of the membrane and a new design of its pull up ring to provide an extra easy to open tear off

The new features of the closures have been advertised by LESIEUR on the label of its PUGET bottles as a way to create consumers’ sympathy and competitive edge against private labels and to reinforce market shares in France and Belgium where the brand is merchandised. The closure is made of food approved linear low density polyethylene that contributes to its leak proof performances and easy to open tear off membrane.

It is currently designed for the standard VERPLAST 29/21 neck finish that exists for glass and PET, but the same features could be adapted to other diameters.

The success of the closure on PUGET has encouraged LESIEUR to introduce the new closure ref. 4610 of BERICAP to LESIEUR brand and to consider it for other regions of sales for its edible oil.