When STHIL, the leading manufacturer of chain saws, came to BERICAP with a special request to develop a perfect pouring spout, BERICAP could help.

A chain saw needs to be permanently oiled during the working process, therefore a separate small tank at the engine of the chain saw has to be refilled by a 5l canister several times a day during working hours.

To have an easy re-fill process, BERICAP has developed the new three-piece DIN closure SVB 45/28 MAB. It is a new closure system, which guarantees a perfect and controlled pouring of the lubricant due to an extra long spout and two separate flow controls (marguerites).

Due to these perfect matched combinations, the customer can refill the tank without spilling (‘anti-glug’) and without any spoilage, which is an environmentally friendly advantage and a further significant contribution for ecological sustainability.

To protect the high class branded oil, the closure has three tamper evident systems: a tamper evident ring at the closure which is linked to the canister, bridges, which need to be broken before one can open the closure on the spout, and a tear-off membrane at the end of the spout.

The closure fits on all existing DIN 45 canister neck finishes which are in the market, main size between 3l-5l and 10l. Customers who are already using the successful SK 45/26 MAB MDR can easily adjust the new SVB 45/28 MAB for special products.

Next to this application, the closure can be used in the automotive industry, e.g. for windshield products, in the paints, varnishes and other chemical industries and for liquids in the food industry, e.g. sauces and dressings for the restaurants business or bulk catering.

For all larger canister sizes, 15l, 20l and 25l, the BERICAP customer can use the ‘Big Brother’ closure SVB 60/32 MAB, providing the same spout features, if wanted.

With this new closure, BERICAP has expanded the existing already successful DIN closure range to another intelligent pouring system.