BERICAP has recently developed a ‘vinegar’ version of its Galileo II closure, introducing a new neck-finish to the market.

The Galileo II closure is a two-piece, flip-top closure weighing 3g. The base, which is the sealing element between bottle and closure, is made of Polyethylene, while the over-cap is made of transparent Polypropylene. Colour combinations are thus possible, giving the bottle a modern and contemporary look, due partly to the transparency of the over-cap. The closure adds value to the package, providing for product differentiation on the shelves.

Incorporated in the closure are two independent tamper-evidence seals. The consumer needs to first break the over-cap seal before being able to remove the pull-up ring, which eventually breaks the second seal. This second seal opens four small holes, which act as ‘flow regulators.’ The vinegar can thus freely be dosed over the salad either by droplets, sprinkles, or even ‘showering,’ depending on how much the consumer presses onto the bottle.

The challenge for BERICAP was, on one hand, to create the second seal – formed by the four independent membranes – to be tight, withholding up to 1bar internal pressure created by N2 dropping; and, on the other hand, for the seal to easily break once the pull-ring is lifted.

Due to the recent trend of ever increasing PET resin costs, BERICAP conceptualized a new and lighter neck finish, in substitution of the current 29 / 21 adopted standard. The new 26 / 21 neck-finish, being 1.3g lighter per bottle than its predecessor, has the potential to quickly be adopted by the industry. Potential PET resin savings are substantial, translating into a more economic package. The Galileo II closure perfectly fits over the 26 / 21 neck-finish.

Aiming for innovation, consumer convenience and appeal as well as cost reduction, the Brazilian vinegar market leader, Alimentos Castelo, adopted the Galileo II closure to enhance the contemporary look of its new bottle.

Many features of this innovating concept, given by the 26 / 21 finish and the Galileo II closure, are intellectually protected in several countries.

Through this product development, BERICAP demonstrates once again why it has achieved a reputation and recognition as one of the technological leaders and innovators of the packaging closure industry.