Europe’s leading paper-based packaging manufacturer Smurfit Kappa has developed a UK first with ‘SKuffguard’. This soft, non-abrasive liner for corrugated board will protect products from being scuffed, scratched or damaged while in the supply chain.

The use of the SKuffguard liner means that extra inner protective packaging, such as polystyrene or bubblewrap, will no longer be required. This will result in a host of efficiency, cost and environmental benefits for both manufacturers and retailers, including:

  • The removal of extra protective packaging costs for manufacturers
  • A less labour-intensive packing system, which will save both time and money at manufacturing plants
  • A less labour-intensive unpacking process upon delivery, resulting in increased efficiencies for retail customers
  • Less refuse being produced at the end of the supply chain, which will help retailers reduce their carbon footprint
  • A single waste stream for recycling, which will help retailers be more efficient in waste disposal

In addition, due to the absence of the inner protective packaging, SKuffguard will enable packs to be designed to fit snugly around a product, reducing the size and amount of packaging required. Such reductions in overall pack sizes could lead to better palletisation, allowing products to be shipped and stored more cost-effectively.

SKuffguard is suitable for packing products made from glass, plastic, rubber or painted products which are highly sensitive to scuffing and scratching. It is currently being trailed by a major automotive manufacturer for car doors and bumpers.

The Skuffguard lining can be applied to any corrugated grade, including single, double and triple wall heavy-duty board. It is suitable for all pack sizes, from small fragile packs up to XXL big box sizes. The product is also 100% recyclable.

Richard Fishwick, sales director at Smurfit Kappa XXL/Heavy Duty, said, “Smurfit Kappa is the first corrugated manufacturer to offer this innovative product in the UK. SKuffguard’s protective lining will save old-style and environmentally unfriendly polystyrenes and bubblewraps from being used. It will offer a step change in reducing packaging costs, improve packing and unpacking efficiency, simplify waste streams and cut down the carbon footprints for both manufacturers and retailers. We really expect the launch of SKuffguard to radically change the way in which products are protectively packaged.”