As from 1 January 2021, Benjamin Danon will take over as CEO of Dantex Group as his father, Richard Danon, moves to executive chairman with special emphasis on Dantex’s future digital inkjet programme.

Commenting on the move, Richard Danon, said: “Having founded the company 53 years ago, my brother Jerry and I ran the company as a team, until 2005 when Benjamin joined and began working his way through the ranks. After becoming the group senior director based in Geneva, Switzerland, he has managed our group’s export activities.

“I have steered the company always based on high technology products and services. I am naturally proud to have my son carry on from me. My continued involvement will also keep me in touch with friends and colleagues for a little while yet.”

Benjamin Danon said: “I am very proud of the achievements of Dantex over the years. The company has developed a reputation for the development of high-tech products with reliability and dependability for the industry. This has led to a leadership position for both product and customer service in the industry. It is clear that sustainability will have a central role in my strategy and as we look to the future, we will be raising our commitment to new levels.

“Our photopolymer plate division could not have reached the position it carries today without the quality of partnership we have with Toray Industries, which has endured for nearly 50 years and will continue to do so. The company’s commitment to the label market will be further reinforced through constant investment in all products and services, whilst continuing to recognise, develop and integrate future trends into its offerings,” he added.

Dantex’s focus on the Label Market continues to this very day. Through hard work and perseverance over the years, Dantex Group has seven subsidiary companies spread over the EU and the USA with an efficient supply line and support structure to almost 50 countries around the globe.

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