BERICAP’s long skirt LSK EV GALILEO II 29/44 is the contemporary alternative for the syrup market.

The closure is designed to fit on 30-29-21mm PET and glass bottle neck finishes.

Configured with a flexible hinge, the closure can be offered in a one-colour and also in a bi-colour version.

LSK EV GALILEO II 29/44 offers double tamper evidence – tabs break on first opening and a tear-off membrane has to be opened.

Both functions assure the integrity of the product. After opening, pouring is controlled by a flow regulator.

A non-drip feature of the pourer prevents drips after pouring. The large printing area on the side of the closure offers good opportunity for brand advertising.

This new long skirt version has been successfully launched on the market. Several bottlers have already adopted it for both PET and glass packaging.