Our last blog covered the big parts of choosing the right Big Bag. But to find the perfect fit, it’s all in the details. So let’s look at those possibilities.

Customising your FIBC bulk bag is an important step in making sure that it is perfect for your product and business. For companies who need a little extra customisation, these are the ways you can make your FIBC bulk bag perfect for your product.

Why customise your bulk bag?

FIBC bulk bags are used for a variety of purposes, and there is one that will work for your business. Custom bags are often required for industry-specific applications. There are many reasons why you might need to customize your FIBC bulk bag. Maybe you have a product that needs more than the standard 50-pound capacity or your company requires specific colours. Whatever the reason, these are the ways we can help you make sure that what you order is perfect for your needs.

The product determines the bag

One of the first steps in customising your Big Bag is by determining what type of product will be stored inside it. If it’s just regular products, then standard bags should suffice. However, if you’re storing more sensitive items, you’ll want people to be aware during transport and storage.

We’ve covered the type of material (Type A, B, C and D bags) and the shape of your bag, but it’s all in the details. Here are other aspects you can customize:

Baffles or no baffles?

If your product needs a little extra support, you might want to consider getting baffles in your Bulk Bag. These are extra panels of fabric or strings that are sewn into the four corners of the bag. It works as reinforcement and helps the bag maintain its shape once it’s completely filled. This will make it easier to store them and can save space in storage.

Feed grade or food grade?

If your Bulk Bag will be holding food for either animals or humans, you will need bags that are certified as safe to hold these products. There is a difference between Feed and Food grade bags, so make sure to check with your supplier which one is best for you.


Most standard FIBC bags come in white. However, you can order Big Bags in all kinds of colours. This is not necessarily to make your storage facility a more colourful place. Specific colours are used to indicate that a bag contains hazardous materials, so workers know they should handle them with care.

Printed labels

Apart from colouring the whole bag, you can also choose to add printed labels to the outside of your bulk bag. This will help people identify what product is inside and where it’s supposed to go.

Custom spout or bottom

If your company is using specialized equipment you might need custom spout-top sizes or bottom constructions, so you can safely use the bags with your machinery.

Do you need a custom FIBC bulk bag?

It is likely that the standard Big Bags don’t suit your needs. We can customise our FIBC bulk bags to suit your specific needs. If you want to know more about how we can create a customised bulk bag for your business, don’t hesitate to reach out.