Thanks to outstanding print results in high definition flexography, Mondi made the final round in the 2011 FlexoTech International Print & Innovations Award. Out of hundreds of submissions, its package design of the ‘Felix’ brand for Swedish food company Procordia was selected as one of the top four in the ‘Flexible Packaging – Processes’ category.

The 2011 International Print & Innovations Awards represent the 13th time the awards have been given by FlexoTech – the trade journal for the print and paper industry. The competition is intended to acknowledge designs of particular distinction in terms of quality, innovation or the print technology used. The high-resolution flexography design submitted by Mondi Wheatley was a jury favourite because of its unparalleled quality, bold colours and crisp image contours.

The Mondi plant in Scunthorpe, UK, producer of coextruded polyethylene (PE) packaging films including laminate and microwavable packaging solutions for the food industry, recently succeeded in introducing high definition flexographic printing. “The customer response to the high resolution print motifs has been remarkable. We were very pleased to learn that the Felix packaging was nominated for the FlexoTech Award in the ‘Flexible Packaging – Processes’ category. This performance underscores the feedback from our customers. And after winning the DFTA Award, it represents another success for us,” said Stefan Gutheil of Mondi Consumer Packaging.

The new high definition flexography for flexible packaging simultaneously delivers qualitatively high-grade print images and great flexibility in the production of various packaging designs. Thanks to the improved quality, products attain a more attractive appearance, which contributes to stronger branding and higher recognition value. “Since the majority of purchase decisions are made directly on the store premises, a pleasing package is essential at the point-of-sale (POS),” concludes Gutheil.