Rich Crawford, CEO and president of Integrated Global Services (IGS), is confident in the company’s growth prospects, which are driven by strategic acquisitions, a strong business culture focused on talent development and effective execution of its value proposition.

In an interview, Crawford revealed that IGS’ sales pipeline opportunities have doubled over the past year, although employee headcount has remained relatively steady. He attributes this surge to the company’s enhanced ability to communicate and deliver its distinctive service offerings while developing and aligning its talented workforce.

“We are seeing this reflected in our sales performance right now – we haven’t doubled our pipeline in the past 12 months because we have doubled the number of employees. It’s because we are getting better at communicating and executing the distinctive IGS value proposition, improving the way we align, and developing our talented teams,” stated Crawford.

A key growth catalyst has been the successful integration of Tube Tech Industrial, a fouling removal specialist acquired by IGS in early 2022. The acquisition complemented IGS’ existing services like Cetek and Hot-tek, bolstering its position as a valued advisor for clients’ critical equipment performance and asset integrity needs. Crawford expects to double Tube Tech’s revenue within the next 12 months.

“Since acquiring Tube Tech, we’ve developed a patented robotic solution that revolutionises how plants approach maintenance, inspection, and asset integrity. This versatile technology, built initially to restore fired heater convection section efficiency, is now also being deployed to coat internal pipelines with our proprietary HVTS solution.

“Automating these critical processes enhances safety by reducing human exposure to hazardous environments. Additionally, it dramatically accelerates project timelines, minimizing downtime and getting operations back online faster whilst dramatically reducing emissions. It’s a truly disruptive technology with transformative potential that we’re just beginning to unlock across various industries and applications.”

Under Crawford’s leadership since 2008, IGS has grown from $14m in revenue and 75 employees to approximately ten times that size today. The CEO suggests the business has only penetrated 10% of its potential market and sees IGS growing exponentially over the next 20 years, provided the team maintains its ambitious vision.

IGS’ strong cultural foundation, rooted in values like hard work, flexibility, and an entrepreneurial spirit, has been instrumental in attracting top talent and driving growth. Crawford emphasizes the importance of personal development, goal-setting, and continuous improvement for himself and his employees.

“We ultimately want our employees to converge their personal values and growth paths with the vision and culture of the business,” he said.

With a robust pipeline, strategic acquisitions, and a talent-centric approach, Integrated Global Services appears well-positioned to capitalize on growth opportunities and deliver its ambitious financial projections.

About Integrated Global Services (IGS)

IGS contributes to a more abundant and sustainable world by providing customized efficiency and reliability solutions for mission-critical equipment in the global materials & energy sectors. With the largest global footprint, operational capabilities and experience delivering solutions on-site on six continents, IGS has more than 35 years of experience helping asset owners increase the uptime, profitability, and reliability of their mission-critical equipment.