Integrated Global Services (IGS) has been recognized as a major contributor to the successful Ras Tanura Refinery (RTR) 2024 Mega Turnaround and Inspection (T&I) for Saudi Arabian Energy Company (Aramco). The RTR complex is Aramco’s largest refinery and the biggest in the Middle East.

The award was presented to IGS at the ceremony on the 7th of May 2024 for “unwavering support and unrelenting efforts that helped in leading RTR 2024 Mega T&I Path to Success. IGS has demonstrated remarkable resilience and determination in this massive T&I.”

The mega RTR turnaround involved over 8,000 workers, 6.9 million worked hours, and 5,000+ scope items over a multi-week period. It is projected to yield over $26.7 million in benefits for the energy giant through enhanced efficiency, optimized fuel consumption, reduced emissions, and other improvements.

IGS’s High Velocity Thermal Spray (HVTS) cladding technology and Cetek fired heater efficiency coating were highlighted as key innovations deployed during the turnaround. IGS’s metalspray® technology enhanced the integrity and lifespan of the crude unit desalination column overhead line, while the Cetek coating enhanced efficiency and optimized fuel consumption by 1MMSCFD. The coatings also reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 19,722 metric tons per year.

Al Muhannad Al Johani, General Manager, IGS Saudi Arabia, said:

“At IGS, we believe that true sustainability in the energy sector is achieved through partnership. Our collaboration with Aramco on the Ras Tanura Refinery’s 2024 Mega Turnaround is a prime example of how combining our expertise with our client’s objectives leads to groundbreaking results. Together, we’ve not only enhanced operational efficiency but also set new benchmarks in environmental conservation. This project underscores our commitment to working alongside our clients to forge a more sustainable and efficient future.”

Aramco credited proper planning, collaboration, and innovation as critical factors allowing the mega turnaround to be completed safely, ahead of schedule, and with world-class results compared to global refinery benchmarks.

The incident-free project is being celebrated as a major achievement for Aramco’s largest asset and a model for future turnarounds across the company’s operations.