The benefits of modified atmosphere go beyond the supermarket shelves and consumers’ kitchens. Food waste is a huge sustainability challenge, and innovative packaging methods have an increasingly bigger potential to tackle this challenge. This blog shines a light on how Modified Atmosphere contributes to not only benefit consumers, retailers, and processors, but also the environment.

Longer shelf life, less waste

By preserving freshness and extending the storage and shelf life of products such as fruits, nuts, and vegetables, Modified Atmosphere helps to reduce food waste across the supply chain. Shelf life extension reduces spoilage and provides long-distance export options. Successful control and management of these factors open up opportunities for use of Modified Atmosphere packaging for reducing waste in the supply chain.

Fewer chemicals and pesticides

The reduction of food deterioration through Modified Atmosphere has another benefit regarding sustainability. It’s not just reducing food waste, but also reducing the use of harmful pesticides. Modified Atmosphere enables processors to extend shelf life and prevent insects and contamination without using chemicals, and is also ideal for the packaging of organic products. Storing fruits and vegetables under a controlled atmosphere significantly reduces the amount of postharvest chemicals used for their protection against pests.

In a nutshell, modified atmosphere is the sustainable solution for product packaging: 

· Decreased risks of food spoilage

· The requirement of harmful preserving agents is reduced

Future proof with Masterpack

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