In the sensitive packaging market, sophisticated management systems are required to ensure the quality of the paper grades produced. Since Mondi Raubling produces containerboard that is intended to come into contact with food, hygiene management is of crucial importance. Mondi Raubling has installed a hygiene management system according to DIN EN 15593:2008 "packaging – management of hygiene in production of packaging for foodstuffs – requirements". Implementation of this hygiene management system has now been verified by the Swiss Association for Quality and Management Systems (SQS), which is an independent certification body.

Trusted and reliable partner

Since Mondi’s customers – the companies that market the food packaging – are responsible for the final food packaging applications, Mondi Raubling has to be a strong and reliable partner. Trust is the fundamental basis of business relationships in such a sensitive market. Full compliance with the production parameters specified for suitable food packaging is achieved by monitoring the quality of incoming and outgoing goods, ensuring traceability, and implementing all the measures defined by DIN EN 15593:2008.

Containerboard supplier for high-level food producing companies

Helmut Endler, managing director of the Raubling mill, stresses the importance of hygiene management for customers: "Hygiene certification is of growing significance in today’s challenging market environment and helps us to offer a competitive product range to our customers. It is a clear indication that we produce food contact materials in a stable and compliant way, and according to legal requirements. The audit reflects our strategic approach to addressing customers that require a hygiene certificate as a basic document. High-level food producing companies will only accept certified partners."