On 17 November 2011 Mondi Swiecie reached the historic production milestone of 20 million tonnes of paper. Clearly delighted at passing this historic milestone, Maciej Kunda, managing director of Mondi Swiecie, remarked: "Reaching 20 million tonnes of paper production is a symbolic moment for Mondi Swiecie and was achieved after more than 40 years of operation."

More than 40 years of successful operation

Swiecie mill was started in 1967 with the set-up of a dissolving pulp plant. The six paper machines that have been put into operation over the years are currently responsible for an annual production output of more than 1.3 million tonnes of paper.

"The first 10 million tonnes of paper were produced in a period of 33 years, but production of the next 10 million tonnes took only 11 years. Swiecie mill is located in the heart of one of the fastest growing containerboard markets in Europe and benefits from a very experienced workforce and reliable business partners," adds Maciej Kunda.

Well-balanced product portfolio

Florian Stockert, sales and marketing director containerboard at Mondi E&I, is well aware of the mill’s importance within Mondi Group: "Swiecie is the powerhouse of Mondi’s containerboard production. The state-of-the-art mill accounts for more than 50% of overall containerboard output. It produces kraftliner, testliner, SC fluting and recycled fibre fluting in low substances. Since the start-up of ECO7 in 2009, we have been able to serve the market with lightweight recycled containerboard and satisfy the corrugated industry’s demand for lightweight paper."