Mondi Napiag has started up a new state-of-the-art blown film extruder, enabling the production of up to 14-layer films with EVOH and PA as barrier material. The new extruder enlarges the product portfolio and is mainly used for food packaging. Customers profit from the additional layers as they further enhance the product characteristics.

For Mondi Napiag the year started with the preparation of the launch of a new state-of-the-art seven-layer blown film extruder from Windmüller & Hölscher. In the meantime, the first customer orders were already produced and delivered to the customers. "This new extruder enables us to meet the individual requirements of our customers and to offer attractive films for better differentiation at the point-of-sale (POS)," Günter Leitner, managing director Mondi Napiag, explains. "We strive to extrude films with the best possible technical equipment and expertise to support our customers at our best."

The first tests and production runs had already shown that the new film features considerably higher gloss and transparency than other films. Thus, the film increases the awareness at the point-of-sale and gives customers a clear competitive advantage. Furthermore, the eye-catching appearance is accompanied by increased puncture and tear resistance, leading to an increased protection of sharp edged food, such as bread rolls or bacon. The novel seven-layer or 14-layer high barrier films show high aroma protection and an extended shelf life, which all multilayer and barrier films by Mondi Napiag have become known for.

Apart from the new extruder, Mondi Napiag houses six five-layer extruders and is well equipped to meet all the requirements of the demanding food market.