Masterpack believes that sustainable solutions should be the standard rather than an exclusive exception. Easy accessibility and expert advice are two key factors in achieving this. That’s why we’re proud to announce that the main products of our modified atmosphere (MA) solution will be made available for everyone under the new product label: Somsix. Masterpack will remain your partner for all your packaging needs and will be the reseller of the Somsix product line.

‘’With Somsix, we aim to increase the positive impact of our solutions by making MAP more accessible. Our goal? Less food waste and cleaner supply chains.’’

The six drivers for sustainability

Somsix offers a specialised service, delivering the products needed to create modified atmosphere packaging under a neutral MA speciality brand.

From vacuum and gassing machines to valves, at Somsix you’ll find everything you need to make your supply chain more sustainable with modified atmosphere.

The six parts that make the MA system

  1. Liner material
  2. Valves
  3. Vacuum and gas injection machine
  4. Automatic spout sealer
  5. MA control with sensor spot
  6. Liner shape