J Garcia Carrion (JGC) introduces its fruit and vegetable juices in aseptic filling to the European market using the 38mm 3-start, ref. 3419 of Bericap.

JGC is one of the biggest wine and fruit and vegetable juices producer in Spain, operating five wineries and four production plants in Spain.

The company offers the consumer a wide range of products of its brand Don Simon, serving different taste and purpose. Sangria, 100% pure squeezed fruit juices, refrigerated juices, vegetable soups and creams belong to the array of products. we also offer products to support healthy nutrition such as Biovit, Calcium juice, nectar with fibres and vitamins, soft drinks or ice tea.

JGC has recently started running aseptic filling lines for PET bottles in two of its plants and chose Bericap for supplier. Bericap has got the most remarkable and broad expertise in aseptic filling in Europe and can provide excellent customer service support – good reasons for JGC to choose Bericap for partner in this new process challenge.

Bericap is a globally acting manufacturer of plastic closures with 18 factories in 17 countries across the world and ongoing projects in several countries of Asia and Middle East and a network of licensees and partners to supply similar products made according to the same quality and service standards to its global customers. With four central R&D centres in France, Germany, Spain and Turkey, two mould shops in Hungary and Poland, and several satellite R&D offices in its main operations, Bericap is particularly committed to development and innovation in plastic closures for its customers.