Barrier films for sensitive goods are enjoying strong growth and are gaining more and more importance. Mondi Consumer Flexibles has taken this into account and established a long-standing know-how of extrusion of state-of-the-art barrier films.

One example of this expertise is an innovative ten-layer bottom film with excellent forming properties, which requires less energy and material but nevertheless allows high rest thicknesses in the corners for maximum protection. As a result customers not only profit from the outstanding barrier and forming properties of a much thinner material, they also enjoy the total protection of their goods, from packing and transport to handling at the point of sale.

Sensitive food such as meat and sausage products requires complex barrier properties of its packaging material to ensure longer shelf-life, excellent aroma and an attractive appearance. Mondi Consumer Flexibles’ high-quality barrier materials contain special components such as metallocenes or ionomers to optimise seal and penetration strength, hot tack and the appearance of the

“Our high-barrier films protect packaged goods optimally from contamination or damage caused, for instance, by sharp edges, spice granules or sterilisation and so guarantee highest food safety,” said Jakob Mosser, CEO of Mondi Consumer Flexibles.

Thin film with excellent protection

Mondi Consumer Flexibles’ barrier films are available as top or bottom films for the food and non-food industry and are known as Styria Therm and Styria Form. Depending on application and requirements, they are available with five layers for top films and up to ten layers for thermoforming bottom films, which can both exist out of more than 20 functional components.

The innovative bottom barrier film features extraordinary thermoforming properties that result in an
even film strength, allowing high rest thickness in the corners despite the thin material. The ten-layer bottom film is available from 130µm to 360µm, whereas even thin films can offer a higher rest thickness in the corner and consequently better protection than comparable products on the market.

It therefore provides an excellent aroma and gas and scent barrier, as well as long shelf-life for the packed goods.

“We offer our customers extensive support in form of our experienced sales force. We give our customers advice concerning machinery and also help to optimally adjust the machinery for our films,” said Günter Leitner, managing director of NAPIAG.

NAPIAG belongs to the consumer flexibles business unit of Mondi and specialises in blown film extrusion for the fast-moving consumer goods industry. “Our long-standing experience of 50 years in extrusion technology, high quality standards and customer focus have lead to advanced technologies and sustainable and state-of-the-art products,” Mr Leitner said.

Certifications such as EN ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and BRC/IoP show the importance Mondi attaches to safety, health and the environment.

Ongoing innovation

At Mondi Consumer Flexibles, every success story is the preface to the next. The Mondi R&D Centre is already working on tomorrow’s packaging for even more convenient and economical packaging, and constantly endeavours to pre-empt market trends and producers’ requirements.

New materials, enhanced processing technologies such as laser perforation and novel add-on features such as top
sliders reflect the Mondi philosophy of delivering solutions for your success.