Europe’s leading paper-based packaging manufacturer Smurfit Kappa has launched new XXXL packaging. It positions the company as one of the few corrugated case manufacturers in the UK capable of manufacturing a box up to 22.5m² in size, large enough to house a small car. It is also available in heavy duty board grades.

The new packaging size responds to an increasing market demand for large format XXXL packaging by the UK food and retail industries. Its format will provide hygiene, supply chain, branding and environmental benefits.

XXXL packaging will enable food manufacturers to create larger pack sizes for easier and cheaper transit and storage of products. It will also provide retailers with branded bulk boxes for end of aisle and store entrance promotions which encourage impulse and bulk purchases with easy replenishment.

A large format taping option will offer better pack hygiene than stitched closing. Taping will also improve packaging supply chain performance offering a stronger join than the traditional glue.

With the introduction of international trade timber restrictions¹, Smurfit Kappa’s XXXL corrugated packaging will offer a sustainable, recycled and fully recyclable alternative. In addition, it will cut packaging unit costs and reduce packaging weight, leading to reduced transportation costs.

Smurfit Kappa can manufacture XXXL packaging in lighter weight or heavy duty options. Single wall board can be used to create packaging suitable for light weight products ranging from soft furnishings to light engineering, while heavy duty double wall board can be used for weightier automotive, chemical, export and bulk food products.

Both light weight and heavy duty XXXL packaging can be printed with four colour post print and six colour preprint for consumer branding. 100% recycled board options are also available. Minimum order quantities start from 100 depending upon the box size.

The new packaging is being manufactured by Smurfit Kappa’s new Sodeme TW9000 machine at its XXXL heavy duty plant. This machinery has doubled case sizes from a previous XXL/10m² manufactured in one piece to a new XXXL/22.5m² two piece case. The equipment has also enhanced the company’s production capabilities, providing large format two piece stitching, gluing and taping alternatives.

Smurfit Kappa’s XXXL complements it existing packaging product range, including large cases (XXL and XXXL), transit display units, octabins, bulk boxes, pallet boxes, bulk palletainers, hood and wraps and composite packs.

For more information please visit the Smurfit Kappa website.


¹ ISPM-15 Timber Replacement Regulation