BERICAP was recently awarded the Cans of the Year Awards 2007 for ends, caps and closures in silver for its P2 REL ALU closure. The Cans of the Year Awards was awarded at the Canmaker summit which took place in Chicago, USA. The award is presented to those companies which have introduced innovations, a new design or new decoration in can packaging solutions.

The P2 REL ALU closure greatly reduces solvent permeation, leading to an extension of the shelf life of the product, especially at higher temperatures. This may also improve the moisture barrier properties of the closure, which, among other benefits, may reduce the gelling tendency of moisture-sensitive hardeners.

The P2 REL ALU closure has already been introduced into the market; PPG and AKZO Europe are successfully applying the BERICAP closure. The combination of metal and plastic presents a modern and innovative packaging. With its global presences, BERICAP offers a worldwide availability of its UN-approved P2 REL ALU closure. The closure is available with and without a printed opening advice on the alu-foil.