The GALILEO® II closure is a two-piece, flip-top closure. The base, which is the sealing element between bottle and closure, is made of polyethylene. The tamper evident hinged over-cap is made of transparent polypropylene allowing a one-handed pouring. Thus, different color combinations are possible. Incorporated to the closure are two independent tamper-evidence seals. The consumer needs to first break the over-cap seal before being able to remove the pull-up ring, which breaks the second seal. The transparent overcap allows the consumer to see the integrity of the membrane, which acts as a secondary tamper evident feature.

BERICAP has developed two different versions of the GALILEO II closure.

The GALILEO II version ref 7873 developed for the edible oil market is equipped with best features which can only be wished for a non drip closure:

  • Orientation of the ring of the membrane so that the finger is always in the right position to pull up the safety seal.
  • Curved shape of the lip of the pourer for clean pouring
  • Flow regulators to control the flow of the edible oil

The GALILEO II variant ref 7875 for vinegar offers same features as the edible oil variant except the pull-up ring which opens four small holes acting as flow regulators. The vinegar can thus freely be dosed, either by droplets, sprinkles or even be showered over the salad, depending on how much the consumer presses onto the bottle.

These features can be adopted to any new closure, fitting on existing standard bottle necks of diameter 29/21mm, 32/27.5mm or 36/29mm.

In substitution of those current standards, BERICAP conceptualised a new and lighter neck finish. The new 26/21mm neck-finish with 1.3 g less weight per bottle compared to its 29/21mm predecessor has the potential to quickly be adopted by the edible oil industry.

COMIGO, edible oil company in Brazil, is the first customer to adopt the edible oil version of GALILEO II closure (ref 7873). The vinegar version ref. 7875 has already successfully been adopted by the Brazilian vinegar market-leader ALIMENTOS CASTELO.