The €305 million budget investment in the new lightweight recycled containerboard paper machine ECO7 in Świecie, Poland, has been successfully completed and delivered its first saleable production in September 2009. The ECO7 machine strengthens the group’s position in central Europe by adding lightweight recycled paper to its portfolio. At the opening ceremony, attended by around 100 customers, the mayor of Świecie, Tadeusz Pogoda, and Mondi Europe & International Division CEO Peter Oswald, the ribbon was cut to mark the official launch of production on the new paper machine.

“The successful start-up of the new recycled containerboard machine in Poland was a significant achievement with current performance exceeding the investment plan. Congratulations must be extended to the whole team involved in the execution of this project, which puts us in a great position to respond to the growing demand for lightweight containerboard in central and eastern Europe,” says David Hathorn, Mondi Group CEO.

Peter Oswald, CEO Mondi Europe & International, stated during the customer event: “Today we celebrate the Świecie success story. Representing the culmination of Mondi’s early investment programme, Świecie has developed alongside Poland’s emergence as a powerhouse in the region. The ECO7 enables us to offer cost-efficient and environmentally sound solutions without having to make compromises on quality and performance. In addition, our central location puts us in an ideal position to serve customers.”

The project was completed on schedule and within budget, passing a major milestone in September last year, when the start button was pressed to produce the first saleable paper on one of the world’s fastest paper machines. Successful trials were run in November 2009 and the most recent production runs have already exceeded the planned start-up curve.

“We implemented the project in 17 months from the time the first soil was turned until start-up. The start-up was exceptionally good. We were producing saleable quality within 48 hours of getting the first paper on the reel. ‘A’ quality was being produced just 24 hours later, only three days after the first paper was produced. It has been a great achievement and I consider it a benchmark for the future,” Maciej Kunda, CEO of Mondi Świecie commented.

After learning more about the advantages of the ECO7 and its products, customers had the opportunity to go on a guided tour of the plant and have a look at the state-of-the-art machine to see its advantages for themselves. They could see the excellent runnability and other distinctive characteristics, including consistent technological parameters and profiles as well as increased speed.

Economy meets ecology

The state-of-the-art technology of the ECO7 machine achieves maximum product quality with minimum environmental impact. Production of one tonne of paper will consume 20% less steam, 30% less electricity and 40% less water than comparable machines in Świecie¹. When it reaches full capacity, the mill’s total recycled paper consumption will increase to around 900,000t/yr.

These recent investments have enabled Mondi to substantially lower its carbon footprint by reducing CO2 emissions by more than 100,000tpy, in addition to the 400,000tpy already achieved in previous years. Despite the increase in paper production, this translates into a CO2 emission reduction of over 60%².

Advanced technology

With a design speed of 1,700m/min, the 470,000t ECO7 is one of the world’s fastest containerboard machines. Its efficiency and short production cycles facilitate shorter lead times and the high and fast availability of standard grades. The product range encompasses lightweight recycled fluting and testliner from 75gsm to 140gsm.

In order to fulfil its customers’ needs, Świecie has established a new ordering system called ECO Premium, which enables it to deliver standard widths and grades according to customers’ forecasts within 48hr in Poland and neighbouring countries.

Mondi Świecie is a leading supplier of lightweight kraftliner products. Thanks to this investment, the company now brings both supreme-quality lightweight kraftliner and lightweight recycled containerboard to the market.


¹ Report: Carbon and Water Footprint; What effects it may have on your business? by Mr Vinh-Dat Tu: Pulp & Paper Consultant
² Świecie Feasibility Study 2009