Mondi’s Security Label Bag has won this year’s Emballissimo Award for industrial packaging. The forgery-proof industrial bag enables buyers of bagged building material to clearly identify the high-quality original from the forged product. The custom-made Security Label Bag was developed in collaboration with building materials producer ARDEX. It features paper, which is easily recognisable through a structure only used for these bags, and a label with several recognition marks.

Mondi Industrial Bags and ARDEX Building Materials jointly submitted the customised Security Label Bag to the Emballissimo, which rewards outstanding functionality and cutting-edge design. “In CIS and central and Eastern Europe product forgery of bagged high-quality building materials is on the rise,” says Anton Reithner, managing director of ARDEX. “Low-quality products are packed in imitated bags and this forces us to look for new packaging solutions. Finding such solutions and implementing them is only possible in a long-term business relationship like the one we have with Mondi Bags Austria,” he adds.

“The Security Label Bag can be reliably recognised and protects our customers’ brand,” explains Mondi sales manager Ferdinand Muck. “Just an example: the thermo-reactive label temporarily displays the word ‘original’ when you rub it – that’s easy to check,” he says.

The Emballissimo distinguishes innovative packaging solutions and is awarded each year by the Association of the Austrian Paper Industry. The winners were honoured at the award ceremony in May 2010. Mondi already won Emballissimo Awards for its innovations in 2003, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009.