Mondi customers and key company representatives met last week during the grand opening ceremony for the new manufacturing plant. Today the plant in Swiecie, Poland, ranks as one of the most modern corrugated packaging plants in Europe. Around 280 customers attended the event on 20 May 2010 and took the opportunity to see how the cutting-edge technology can contribute to providing best solutions for their businesses.

“The new factory allows us to service customers with the highest quality print and support the growing demand for shelf-ready packaging and branding,” stated Thomas Ott, CEO of Mondi Corrugated Packaging. “The additional capacity ensures shorter lead times and flexibility for our customers. With the in-house supply of best-quality paper produced by ECO7 we can service our customers cost-efficiently as a one-stop-shop, offering the full range of corrugated packaging.”

After the ceremonial ribbon-cutting all guests were invited to take part in a plant tour to take a closer look at the latest investment. €45 million was invested in the corrugated packaging plant, which is part of a major investment project of a €350 million budget at Mondi Swiecie in Poland. This development supports Mondi’s goal of creating an integrated value chain production site, housing a recycled fibre plant, a new fast, economic and ecological lightweight recycled paper machine (ECO7), a paper warehouse and the new corrugated plant.

Superior quality and environmentally friendly

The combination of the new paper machine and the new corrugated plant produces unequalled quality at low substance, thus contributing to the trend for lighter and environmentally friendly packaging. The products will have an unmatched environmental benefit, as the paper production itself consumes 30% less electricity and 40% less water. Combined with the efficient in-house corrugated packaging production and reduced transport emissions, the integrated plant has overall a much lower environmental impact. In addition, the superior quality supports higher run-speeds and less downtime on the erecting machines.

In addition, the plant goes into installation of a dust extrusion system which has a positive impact on environment and working conditions. It is a system of pipes and filters linked to the machines, removing paper dust created during transport and cutting process of the corrugated board. Flow of the air transfers the dust through the pipes to the system of filters where it is removed from the air. The clean air is then returned back to the plant without any pollution. Due to the fact that air circulates in closed circuit, there is no loss of energy.

State-of-the-art technology

The plant has ultra-modern technology such as a 2.8m BHS corrugator, a six-colour Goepfert Evolution Offline Printer, a 5.5m BGM jumbo case maker and a 2.1m Bobst flatbed die-cutter. The highest hygiene standards guarantee stable and excellent quality corrugated packaging. The product portfolio comprises high-quality post print, large format and heavy-duty packaging as well as shelf-ready packaging.

International network with smart paper integration

The latest investment supports Mondi Corrugated Packaging’s strong network of five plants in Poland and a total of 18 plants in Europe. Mondi’s leading position as a corrugated supplier is based on its aim to satisfy all customer requirements, to invest in product innovations and smart paper integration. The project in Swiecie is a good example of how an integrated value chain leads to maximum product quality with minimum environmental impact offering customers value-added and cost-efficient packaging solutions.