Part of Mondi Packaging’s Diamond for Growth strategy is dedicated to developing technologically advanced packaging solutions which best promote and protect our customer’s products. With this in mind, one of the latest innovations in flexible packaging is a new type of laminated bag produced at our plant in Nyborg, Denmark.

Consisting of three layers, the laminated material can be used for luxury carrier bags as well as attractive gift bags. Aimed at the luxury consumer segment, these bags combine eye-catching, flexible design with safety and strength. At the same time, Mondi Packaging Consumer Flexibles’ know-how in flexible materials and solution-oriented approach have been applied to a related challenge: a new type of bag for duty free shops, in line with the new EU regulations.


Premium products such as luxury foods and designer clothing require packaging that preserves and protects their value. Mondi Packaging has developed a lamination technique which allows attractive flexo printing in up to eight colours, while at the same time ensuring the print never comes into contact with the packaged goods and cannot rub off onto clothing or hands.

This is an important factor for premium products, as end-users want maximum safety and convenience. A permanent seal with or without tamper-evidence, or a reclosable adhesive strip, are offered as optional features.


Mondi Packaging’s new carrier bags are available in a wide range of design alternatives. Sizes, shapes and carrying handles can be developed in cooperation with the customer. Gift bags, for example, can either be produced with a reclosable flap or with a security tape.

Various combinations of material are feasible, depending on the desired thickness and other properties. In all cases, the design is printed on the reverse of the outer layer which ensures that the colours never rub off. The middle and inner layers can be transparent, coloured, or metallic, offering a variety of visual effects for enhanced brand value.


In contrast to the paper bags commonly found in the luxury goods market, the new Mondi Packaging carrier bags are extremely sturdy, while at the same time being light and flexible. They are also easier to handle and store than paper bags, and are resistant to moisture and tearing. High-quality printing and premium materials such as metallic layers offsets the ‘cheaper’ image of plastic.

Mondi Packaging is confident these exciting new bags will set trends in the luxury carrier bag market.


A recent application of carrier bags from Mondi Packaging Consumer Flexibles comes as a result of new EU regulations for air travel which entered into force last fall. Under the new regulations, any item purchased at a European duty free shop must be carried in a transparent plastic bag, with the item and the sales slip both clearly visible. The bag must then be sealed with a tamper-proof seal, to show it has not been opened during transport.

This presents duty free shops with a two-fold challenge: the sealing requirement, and reduced advertising space on the bag. Mondi Packaging has an elegant solution to both problems.

The Mondi Packaging Safety Bags offer the necessary transparency, a secure sealing lip, convenience for passengers, and low weight to reduce costs and environmental impact. One design option, developed in collaboration with customers, offers a transparent side and a printed side complete with logo and brand name (used at airports in Greenland, for example).

Another attractive option, used at Billund Airport in Denmark, is to print the logo and the name of the shop on a transparent background. In all cases, the Safety Bags are only 50µm thick, with reinforcement for the handles, which makes them cheaper as well as easier for the consumer to tear open following final arrival. A special tear notch on the lip helps the duty free shop staff to seal the bag correctly.

Given the somewhat cumbersome response of many European duty free shops to the new regulations, Mondi Packaging Consumer Flexibles is proud to offer a solution that is both simple and elegant.