As a long-standing and first choice supplier to the packaging sector, Total Petrochemicals offers a comprehensive range of polyolefin grades for the manufacturing of fibres, injection moulded articles, bi-oriented polypropylene film (BOPP), thermo formable sheets or (injection stretch) blow moulded articles. Total Petrochemicals has also developed a whole range of polypropylene and polyethylene grades suitable for cast and blown film.

More efficient polyethylene film

More than ever, cost reduction and environmental performance are two main challenges for the packaging industry. Total Petrochemicals has found a more sustainable way to save costs in the packaging chain thanks to the inclusion of high strength, high performance Total Petrochemicals metallocene PE. These are offered under the brand name Total Petrochemicals Lumicene®.

Lumicene® mPE is available in several densities, from low (mLLDPE), medium (mMDPE) to high density (mHDPE), as well as a wide range of melt index, which makes them ideally suited to film production, from blown extrusion to cast extrusion. Lumicene® mMDPE and mHDPE in particular offers a unique balance of rigidity and optical properties (gloss and transparency), hence allowing down-gauging of the film, a valuable bonus.

Cast film

In its desire to serve its customers better, Total Petrochemicals has extended its cast film product range with one polyethylene and five polypropylene grades:

  • Homopolymer PPH 6080 and its slip and antiblock additivated version PPH 6088 – bringing excellent optical properties, high stiffness, high heat resistance and good sterilisability
  • Random copolymer PPR 6280 and its slip and antiblock additivated version PPR 6288 – bringing outstanding optical properties, very good heat sealing and sterilisability
  • Random copolymer PPR6298 with enhanced sealing properties – maintaining excellent optical properties, this means that PPR6298 can be used in the most critical applications
  • Lumicene® polyethylene M2735 – combining very good hot tack properties with slow puncture and tear resistance

Excellence of these new references has been demonstrated in various applications like bread bags, pasta packaging, stationary, pet food packaging, etc.

Lumicene® polypropylene for sensitive food packaging

Total Petrochemicals Lumicene® MR 2002 is highly recommended for sensitive food applications. The extremely low extractable content is favorable for the best organoleptic properties.

On top of outstanding optics and superior tenacity, Total Petrochemicals Lumicene® MR 2002 offers cost saving opportunities to the packaging industry.

  • Higher rigidity of the film allows to go one step further in terms of down-gauging
  • Lower SIT benefits film converters in terms of production throughput

Enjoy the synergies between metallocene PE and PP

The use of coextrusion technology delivers the combination of mechanical, thermal and optical properties of polypropylene (PP) together with the tear and impact resistance of polyethylene (PE). This exceptional set of properties is maximised thanks to the combined use of metallocene PE and metallocene PP.

The unique Lumicene® metallocene technology platform brings an excellent inter-layer adhesion which gives the great advantage of avoiding the use of tie layers between the materials.

Last evolution for retortable packaging

Polypropylene is appreciated both for the mechanical properties it gives to the film and for its excellent temperature resistance. These properties are particularly advantageous for instance in the manufacture of retortable or microwavable package (stand up pouches).

Polypropylene block copolymers PPC2660 or PPC 3660 feature excellent mechanical properties as well as very high perforation resistance. In addition, both grades provide very high seal strength, which guarantees the seal integrity over the package shelf life. Films produced with PPC 2660 or PPC 3660 display high impact properties and low gels level, which make them particularly suitable for lamination.