GALILEO® is the registered name for a new range of closures from BERICAP that all use its new patented technology for moulding hinged closures in closed position, which allows relatively high-speed moulding, does not require any additional closing operation that is necessary for the traditional hinged closures and offers quite efficient tamper evidence (TE) performance.

This GALILEO technology has been used by BERICAP to develop various closures for its ‘light weighting’ programme in beverages and edible oil, or for renewing its traditional hinged closures, with two basic versions.

The one-piece version is of CTC type: GALILEO I, currently developed for the new BERICAP light weight 38mm ‘press-on’ neck finish. The two-piece version, the GALILEO II, has a hinged transparent PP overcap to visualise the tear-off membrane and dispensing pourer: this latter program covers closures for existing 29/21 press-on neck finish (with standard or long-skirt pourer), but is particularly effective in combination with the new light weight 26/21 neck finish introduced by BERICAP as part of its general commitment to sustainable packaging. This closure does focus mainly on the edible oil industry.

GALILEO I 38 mm is targeted at dairy and beverage industries, to bring new opportunities in packaging of fresh milk, milk-based drinks and new beverages for lighter, cheaper and more environmentally friendly packaging, providing new functionalities and new aesthetics.


With its new press-on neck finish for PET at 2.6g, GALILEO I 38 mm at 2.85g offers significant resin savings compared to standard 38mm, three-start thread, screw-neck finish and corresponding screw closures that are used in the targeted markets for it:

  • Compared to BERICAP 38mm, three-start thread, screw neck finish at 4.4g and standard 38mm, three-start screw closure at 3.3g, this represents savings of 2.25g per bottle, or almost 30% in weight
  • Compared to the standard screw neck finish used in the milk and juice market in Italy at 5.6 g on average, this represents a resin saving of 3.35g per bottle or almost 40%

For any 100 million bottles, this GALILEO I 38mm programme would contribute to save between 225t and 345t of resin or between €300,000 and €500,000 worth of PET and HDPE resins and would help to reduce the carbon footprint by up to 2,600t of CO2 emissions.

This range of GALILEO closures does not only bring economy but also several other significant technical benefits:

  • Visible and reliable tear-off tamper evident (TE) band
  • Safe and efficient olive seal
  • Efficient secondary seal after first opening
  • Designed for aseptic cold filling (ACF)
  • Wet and dry decontamination compatible
  • Olive seal tightness keeps aseptic conditions after filling across the distribution chain
  • Easiness to apply by pressing on the neck, even on simple and economical tow-away capper not requiring time consuming adjustments
  • Reactive hinge with 180° wide opening that stays in open position after opening

Overall, this new range of closures brings benefits to all parties. For the brand owners, there is attractiveness of new design and functionality of the hinge, opening new opportunities for single serve beverages. There is also a possibility to communicate on resin savings and lower carbon footprint of the new packaging.

For bottlers, there is greater economy on plastic raw material for the bottle and the closure, as well as with press-on capping equipment. Better productivity and robustness of the capping process with lower defect level, less downtime and better cost effectiveness (especially on aseptic cold filling / ACF lines) are also advantages.

For final consumers, there are the advantages of ease of opening (especially for senior populations), efficient and reliable tear off TE band, and reactive hinge with 180° opening position. In terms of safety for bottlers and consumers, there is a safe and efficient seal, it can keep aseptic conditions for beverages, it is sensitive to micro-organisms, and it is an efficient secondary seal after first opening for safety during transportation.

BERICAP’s GALILEO I 38mm is currently manufactured in France but will be soon available from its other key manufacturing premises.