Brands have been built up through investment in research, design and quality, furthermore in creating and maintaining consumer satisfaction and loyalty – which is at the heart of the success of manufacturers of branded goods.

Trust in the quality and safety of brands is fundamental to consumer loyalty. Counterfeiting erodes consumer trust in brands, What was in the past only a problem for designer goods and the technical industry became now also a problem for agro chemical products. Farmers believing to have bought a genuine pesticide, when in fact it was a fake, blame their suppliers or the producers of the genuine product, when it fails. This causes a loss of trust on the one side and loss of business on the suppliers side.

As closure supplier to the agro chemical industry, with its unique requirements, Bericap is increasingly challenged by its globally acting agro customers to put more focus on the problem of counterfeiting. The industry spurs on devoting more R&D resources in finding closure solutions, which safeguards against increasing infringements of their intellectual property rights.

Fighting this counterfeiting problem, teamwork is required between packaging specialists of the agro chemical companies and suppliers like Bericap. With its reputation for technical know-how and an in-depth understanding of the market, built up over more than two decades, Bericap is in constant dialogue with leading companies of the industry and places strong emphasis on the development of creative closure solutions and improvements.

Answering the request of the agro chemical industry a range of closures providing a slit tamper evident band have been developed, which cover most of the current neck diameters, used by the industry. The slit T/E band responds to the appeal of the industry for better brand protection as it is difficult to copy the band technology. A specific feature is the drop down T/E band, creating a visible gap between closure and T/E band after unscrewing the closure.

A further protection are closures with clipped-in and freely rotating liners, which allow for the insertion of all sorts of seals such as special vent- or customised hologram types. Another substantial contribution to protect the IPRs of brand owners are closures offering a top print, company logo embossments and special customised labels.

Bericap closures are worldwide available by means of centralised R&D facilities, complemented by decentralised production, close to our customer base.