Mondi Tire Kutsan, one of the leading corrugated packaging suppliers in Turkey, introduced the ‘intelligent box’, a corrugated packaging solution equipped with a radio frequency identification (RFID) tag, to selected customers at the Izmir Swiss Hotel on 6 December.

Haluk Kaya, CEO of Mondi Tire Kutsan, explains: “The intelligent box enables full traceability of products throughout production and distribution, generating real-time information on product availability and location. This allows customers to reduce costs associated with lost or misshipped packages, while enhancing receipting, invoicing and their own customer service.”

Existing bar-code technology requires cases to be positioned in a certain way before scanning and only allows one box to be scanned at a time. Mondi’s RFID application process enables ‘out of sight’ scanning, which means it is feasible to scan an entire pallet as it passes a single point. The result is quicker receipting and distribution of goods – processes where bottle-necks are common within fast moving businesses.

Mondi’s specialist innovation team has developed a unique application process that automatically applies and verifies RFID tags at high-speed so that the product is ready to use when received by the customer.

“Mondi’s cost-effective RFID application process, coupled with the improved efficiencies and reduced costs that this can deliver, will make the technology a feasible solution for our customers,” concludes Haluk Kaya.