Meeting Mondi’s commitment to sustainability, Bad Rappenau has been the first of Mondi’s corrugated packaging plants to be awarded the FSC certification in December 2010. Further sites in Germany, Poland and Austria will be given the certification, which is linked to responsible forestry, in 2011.

Green strategy

The international paper and packaging company Mondi has long advocated the responsible and sustainable use of resources. Thus, the FSC certification for the Mondi plant in Bad Rappenau is a clear sign.

“The award was a logical step in the company’s sustainability policy,” says Thomas Bach, area manager of corrugated packaging, Austria and Germany. “For years, Mondi has been committed to an eco-friendly strategy and our approach has become visible once more by the award of the FSC logo.”

The FSC product portfolio of the plant in Bad Rappenau, comprising exclusively packaging material may now use the labels ‘FSC recycled credit’ and ‘FSC mixed credit’. The ‘FSC recycled’ label distinguishes a product group consisting of 100% recycled materials, whereas the ‘FSC mixed’ label indicates that the product portfolio is made up of a mixture of FSC-certified materials, recycled materials and other materials from controlled sources.

FSC – environmental warrant

Literally translated, the FSC seal (forest stewardship council) means ‘council for handling the forest as a resource’. The idea was born in California in 1990. Today’s standards, which are worldwide valid, range from the departure from large-scale deforestation, the preservation of near-natural forests, the avoidance of turning forests into plantations through to paying respect for the rights of indigenous peoples. With the FSC seal companies, whose chain of custody is certified, can demonstrate that their products support environmentally aware forestry.

Furthermore, FSC-certified enterprises are obliged to keep exact and complete records of a closed chain of custody and to observe strict criteria in invoicing, accounting and procurement.