Mondi offers outstanding containerboard qualities specifically for fruit and vegetable packaging in its Kraftliner, Semi Chem and Appearance product lines. Visit Mondi at the Fruit Logistica at booth #C-01 in hall 1.1, entrance south. The fair will be held in Berlin on 9-11 February 2011.

Mondi Containerboard is using the internationally renowned trade show for fruit and vegetable trade as an exhibition and communications platform for the first time. As a paper and packaging specialist, Mondi offers a range of proven solutions for attractive, functional packaging for the fruit and vegetable industry.

“Our Kraftliner, Semi Chem and Appearance product lines meet a variety of needs, such as high strength and water resistance, good printability or attractive white-top appearance. We’re presenting our high-quality white-top ProVantage Komiwhite for the first time since our modernised PM21 started operating at our Syktyvkar mill in Russia. In 2011 our exhibition activities will focus on the presentation of our Aqua products, which thanks to their partial water resistance are suitable for cold storage packaging applications,” says Florian Stockert, sales director Containerboard, commenting on the trade show activities.


Containerboard for fruit and vegetables needs to be able to withstand dramatically differing climates, and must be water-resistant to specified levels. Mondi’s ProVantage Kraftliner Aqua is sufficiently resistant to water penetration to replace wax-coated board. The eliminiation of wax-dosing units on corrugators is likely to increase processing speed.

Semi Chem

Mondi’s Semi Chem is also suitable for demanding packaging applications. These high-performance flutings can be used for a wide range of applications and solutions requiring high strength and humidity-resistance. They offer an attractive price / performance ratio and are the right product for applications involving dramatically differing temperature conditions. Sample reels of ProVantage Fluting Fresco, ProVantage Fluting Aqua and ProVantage Fluting Frigo will be on display at Mondi booth.


Appearance, good printability and high durability are the key characteristics of Mondi’s Appearance range. Long distances and differing climatic conditions put quite a strain on packaging. Mondi’s high-quality white-top ProVantage Komiwhite and ProVantage Baywhite are more than capable of handling these challenges. They are used as top-layer for corrugated packaging. The smooth, white surface is suitable for high-end printing for enhancing the look of the packaged goods.