Product development discussion with FUCHS EUROPE SCHMIERSTOFFE has proved that the telescopic closures used in the past do not fulfil the requirements of a modern closure (consumer-friendly handling and supporting requirements on safety). Together, a target was decided: the development of a telescopic closure system that should allow for easy filling of gear oil for the consumer, be easily re-closed and stored, and still offer optimum safety features.

Based on the brief, Bericap developed a closure system consisting of four parts that fulfils the requirements and is in line with the target set. The SVT 37.5 offers a double tamper evidence band function using a tamper evidence band on the closure itself and, furthermore, the closure closing the telescopic tube is secured with a bridge, connecting this cap with the main closures shell.

Only after breaking the bridges can the telescopic pipe be pulled out, and the filling process can start after opening the smaller closure of the pipe. The combined tamper evidence functions of this closure system protect the content against any manipulation.

Thanks to an integrated wipe-off system, a surplus of oil on the telescopic tube can be avoided when pulling out the tube. Thus, an easy filling of the gear oil on difficult locations is granted. An integrated clinch system supports the filling process. Save and clean re-closing of the SVT 37.5 differentiate this closure system from other existing closures.

FUCHS EUROPE SCHMIERSTOFFE is using the SVT 37.5 for its high value products in Germany, France, UK and Australia.