The pickle and edible oil industry in Turkey was suffering serious leakage problems with packages when using the conventional closure solutions without TE-band.

Tightness of the package could not be achieved with the existing closure profile. Therefore producers of both markets were searching for a closure solution with a good non-leaking profile and with a tamper-evident band (TE-band) function to secure their products against potential counterfeiting. Following the demand, BERICAP has designed the new SK 110/37 closure.

The new SK 110/37 screw cap is equipped with a newly developed non-leaking profile that comes from a specific inner sealing lip, which ensures good tightness of the package. The closure is completed by a TE-band to secure the content against counterfeiting. In addition, a handle allows the container to be carried comfortably. BERICAP Turkey started the production of SK 110/37 in July 2008.

One of the biggest edible oil producers in Turkey, KUCUKBAY (ORKIDE brand) and one of the biggest producers of pickles in Turkey, TARIS SIRKE, have been using the SK 110/37 closure since August 2008 and are satisfied with the performance of the closure. ESKISEHIR YAG SANAYI also recently started to use SK 110/37 for their sunflower oil brand.

From the end of June 2009 Carl KÜHNE will use the SK 110/37 for wide mouth pickle containers. BERICAP continues to expand the SK 110/37 supply as it offers a very interesting new package system for its business partners.