AGUA SAN BENEDETTO SPAIN recently decided to introduce the THUMB’UP® sports closure 26.7mm for their still water FUENTE PRIMAVERA AGUA MINERAL, filled in 330ml and 500ml bottles in Spain, which completes their range of products.

The company has chosen the THUMB’UP from BERICAP suitable for still water because of its technical, ergonomic and safety advantages.

High acceptance by the consumer made this launch highly successful for SAN BENEDETTO. The THUMB’UP is made of two parts that are securely assembled under clean room conditions at BERICAP France to minimise any contamination.

The overcap and the body of the closure are connected with a strong hinge, which does not break even after several times of opening and re-closing. The hinge withstands a tractive force of 90Nm. Thus the THUMB’UP sports closure is a very safe solution for children’s drinks, as youngsters will not be able to tear away the upper part and therefore cannot swallow it.

The THUMB’UP is equipped with a tear-off band for sufficient tamper evidence. A highly visible, newly designed flap indicates where to poach the safety band and to open the overcap. A tamper band secures the lower screw part of the closure.

The THUMB’UP sports closures from BERICAP are the ultimate consumer solution for on-the-go drinks. Closures are available for all neck sizes between 26mm to 38mm and they are suitable for cold fill aseptic applications.