In April 2009 Bericap Turkey launched the production of HexaLite® 29/11 SFB 3T – the water closure suitable for light-weight neck finish 29/25 for Danone Turkey’s Hayat brand.

Danone Turkey is the first location to start using the 29/25 neck finish and has modified most of its existing lines in Turkey from Hexacap 30/17 3T to HexaLite 29/11 SFB 3T.

The still water market is the defined target for the Bericap HexaLite closures. The HexaLite exists as HexaLite 26 FB, suitable for light-weighted 26mm neck finish and the HexaLite 29 FB, suitable for a light-weighted 30mm neck finish. All HexaLite closures are equipped with a slit and folded safety band (flexband) for efficient TE performance and reliable application on high-speed lines. The cost saving to convert from a 30/25 neck and closure to HexaLite 29/25 will save more than 30% of resin in the neck and closure weight.

A conversion of the existing 26.7mm neck and corresponding closure, predominantly in North America, to the HexaLite 26 had started already; it picked up production in August 2008 and has become an extreme success. Important market players have decided to switch to HexaLite 26 and take the advantage of significant resin and cost savings, and others are due to convert in the foreseeable future.

Further conversions for both HexaLite variants will follow.